Facebook Deletion Is Fake, Report Finds

Facebook Deletion Is Fake, Report Finds

(UnitedReader.com) – Facebook has become one of the largest social media companies available to Internet users. The online giant has been subject of recent scrutiny after a whistleblower exposed some of its secrets. As a result, Facebook said it was going to make some changes, but will it follow through?

Facebook facial recognition software is a controversial topic. However, all is well as the company announced earlier in the week it’s putting an end to the program… right?

While the name “Facebook” may not utilize the software, the company made another major announcement earlier in the week: The parent company name will be changing from “Facebook” to “Meta.” Big deal, right? Well, when you take into consideration that CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook would no longer use the software, it is.

While it’s true Facebook, the popular social media platform, will delete around 1 billion facial profiles and end use of its recognition software, the parent company has no such intention. That’s right, the only thing changing in the parent company is the name.

Zuckerberg’s vision of the future for Meta looks exactly the same as it did when the company called itself Facebook. In other words, the name change was likely just to get out of losing the facial recognition data.

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