Donald Trump’s Private Partnership With Rumble Has Media Buzzing

Donald Trump's Private Partnership With Rumble Has Media Buzzing

( – Former President Donald Trump knows how to get the media riled. In all fairness, just about everything the man does is enough for a week’s worth of headlines in mainstream media. This time is different, as Trump’s media company is taking big steps for forward momentum.

Former President Trump recently announced his Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) would be focusing on creating Truth Social, a new social media platform to rival Facebook and Twitter. However, Trump doesn’t want to stop with just giving Facebook and Twitter headaches.

Now, the former president is looking to partner up with the video streaming service Rumble. So, not only will TMTG be competing directly with social media giants; it’s going after YouTube as well.

The partnership will see Rumble Inc. provide TMTG with infrastructure and video delivery service for TMTG+, the company’s on-demand video streaming service. Rumble will also give Truth Social a way to stream videos.

Trump asserted that TMTG’s mission is to continue working with companies that don’t discriminate against differing political opinions. Some people have accused Facebook and Twitter of committing censorship against Republicans and conservatives.

The CEO of Rumble and its founder, Chris Pavlovski, claimed that he designed Rumble to be immune to cancel culture by providing a free and neutral Internet experience. Pavlovski mentioned that he’s excited to work with TMTG and provide the necessary services.

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