Dave Chappelle Attacker Reveals Motive Behind Assault

Dave Chappelle Attacker Reveals Motive Behind Assault

Dave Chapelle Attacker Reveals Motives Behind Outburst

(UnitedReader.com) – Renowned comedian Dave Chappelle has become a controversial figure due to his shows often targeting members of the LGBTQ community and joking about other touchy subjects. At a recent show, it appears Chappelle may have gone too far, at least according to one audience participant. The man, who attempted to tackle the comedian, has finally come forward and given a reason for his outburst.

Reports indicate 23-year-old Isaiah Lee rushed onto the stage and attempted to attack Chappelle during the May 3 Netflix special, “Netflix is a Joke.” The young man had a gun-shaped knife when he attacked, which he reportedly did in response to the comedian’s choice in material.

The assailant explained in a New York Post exclusive that Chappelle had “triggered” him. Lee mentioned the comedian’s bit on members of the LBGTQ community and homeless people caused his fit of rage but claimed he never intended to hurt Chappelle. Lee said he identified as a person who’s bisexual and has been homeless before. The 23-year-old asserted the comedian should be more sympathetic when writing his jokes, urging Chappelle to run his future acts by people they may negatively impact. Lee felt it was important for the comedian to know issues he’d faced were “not a joke.”

Do you think the attacker made the right decision, or should Lee have handled it in a different way? Not reacting at all, considering Chappelle is a comedian and likely doesn’t mean a single thing he says, probably would have been the best choice.

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