College Forced To Pay Christian Student $800K for Censorship Issue

College Forced To Pay Christian Student $800K for Censorship Issue

Students Take Home MAJOR Victory In Crucial Censorship Case

( – A student attending a college in Georgia alleged the school was censoring him, a practice some people feel is growing common as higher education institutions become increasingly political. The student decided to take a stand for his First Amendment rights and filed a lawsuit against the college. Now, the school will be paying out $800,000.

Chike Uzuegbunam, once a student at Georgia Gwinnett College (GWC), claims the school stopped him from sharing his faith, Christianity, on campus. Now, five years after filing a lawsuit against GWC, Uzuegbunam has finally reached a settlement. The school will pay damages and court costs totaling $800,000. Uzuegbunam’s legal defense team, the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), called the settlement a victory for the freedom of religion and speech.

While some people might argue that it was easy enough to reach a settlement, when the ADF first filed the lawsuit, GWC altered its policy and claimed it couldn’t be held accountable. The attempt didn’t impress judges. Despite the policy change, a district court ruled against the school, and Uzuegbunam eventually won an 8-1 Supreme Court ruling allowing the lawsuit to continue. Rather than litigate, the two parties reached a settlement and abandoned any further legal actions.

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