China May Be Trying To Capture the Moon

China May Be Trying To Capture the Moon

NASA Reveals China’s Next Target

( – Putting astronauts on the Moon is a feat that only one country has been able to accomplish so far. Still, while the US may be the only country to succeed in the effort, other governments have become increasingly ambitious with their space programs. Chinese officials, for one, are looking to gain control of Earth’s only natural satellite as part of its military-driven space program.

Bill Nelson, administrator for NASA, reportedly told German newspaper Bild that China could be plotting to “take over” the Moon as part of its space program. Nelson asserted the US should be concerned with the communist country staking its claim on the entire sphere.

The NASA administrator asserted the United States was facing another space race, but instead of going up against Russia, it would be going up against China’s National Space Administration. Nelson also claimed the communist country was stealing rivals’ technology and was trying to gain the ability to capture or destroy satellites not belonging to Beijing.

According to Bloomberg, Nelson’s comments and accusations unsurprisingly upset Chinese officials, who pointed out that the US considered space to be a platform for war-fighting in recent years. Is the US facing a second race to space? Could the effort result in military conflicts between the two countries?

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