Bob Saget’s Death Records Ordered Sealed Permanently by Judge

Bob Saget's Death Records Ordered Sealed Permanently by Judge

( – The recent death of renowned actor and comedian Bob Saget left his fans in shambles. The mystery surrounding his death piqued the curiosity of observers who were determined to know what happened. It appears the only information they’ll be getting is what’s already public knowledge as a judge has ordered Saget’s postmortem report to be permanently sealed.

Circuit Judge Vincent Chiu ordered Orange County to seal the documents forever after Saget’s family filed a lawsuit. The comedian’s family noted there was no public interest for the case to serve and the release of any information would cause irreparable harm to his family.

Florida state law prohibits the public release of records to begin with, but the family filed their lawsuit against the county medical examiner’s office and John Mina, Orange County’s sheriff, after reports of media outlets attempting to obtain the records. The medical examiner’s officer created documents, video, photos, and audio detailing Saget’s autopsy results and death.

The medical examiner’s office noted Saget’s cause of death was head trauma, echoing a family statement from February. The county ruled the comedian’s death an accident and stated there was no sign of illegal drugs or toxins in his blood.

The autopsy uncovered that Saget suffered severe head trauma, with a fracture at the base of his skull and around his eye sockets, an abrasion on his scalp, bleeding between the brain and the tissue covering it, and bruising of the brain.

His widow, Kelly Rizzo, and their three daughters, along with the rest of his family, appreciate the judge’s decision, claiming it will provide them with much needed privacy during a difficult time, especially following such an unexpected loss.

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