Biden’s Former Supporters Abandon Him as Presidency Fails

Biden's Former Supporters Abandon Him as Presidency Fails

Biden Stands Alone As “Titanic” Presidency Sinks To The Bottom Of The Ocean

( – Democratic opponent and now-President Joe Biden garnered support from several DNC party members during his 2020 campaign. Unfortunately, his poor performance in the Oval Office since stepping into power appears to be causing many followers to abandon ship. In a recent survey, just five out of 50 DNC senators said they would continue to support him in 2024.

The Daily Caller asked all 50 Democratic senators whether or not they would support Biden in his bid for re-election. According to the report, only five agreed to give the president their backing in 2024. That shortlist included Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY), Tim Kaine (VA), Cory Booker (NJ), Jack Reed of (RI), and Chris Coons of (DE).

Almost all respondents expressed concern for Biden’s age and political viability. But each of the five who plan to follow the president into 2024 had their own reasons for doing so, and some weren’t exactly willing to share.

Senator Coons called Biden’s leadership on the world stage “impressive.” Senator Schumer, on the other hand, responded with a simple “yes.” Senators Kaine and Reed each offered the same simple confirmation without providing any clarification.

Senator Booker didn’t answer the question directly at all. Instead, a spokesperson asserted the lawmaker’s support on his behalf.

The other 45 Senators didn’t even respond to the question, while the White House itself failed to provide a comment on the overall lack of support. What do you think of their silence? Is it proof that DNC members no longer have confidence in their own party leader?

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