Biden’s America: Where Food Shortages and Inflation Are Common Stance

Biden's America: Where Food Shortages and Inflation Are Common Stance

Food Shortages Soar To Record High As Nation Crumbles Under Inflation

( – Likely the last place anyone expected to experience widespread food shortages was the United States. Yet, people across the country are seeing empty shelves and have little money to buy what’s there. It’s not just the US seeing these shortages; countries around the globe are struggling. The question is why.

On the first day of May, S&P Global released a report indicating an increase of interference with the global food supply. According to Usamah Bhatti, an economist with S&P Global, April saw a surge in supply shortages, matching a joint-level record. Bhatti also indicated that food prices reached their second highest of all time. S&P Global attributed much of the problem to the lack of transportation, with freight capacity shortages at their utmost point since December and the cost of transportation surging at 11 times the normal rate.

Inflation has also become commonplace in the US and around the world as central banks have yet to get a grip on the issue. Prices on electronics are at their highest since May 2021, likely due to a supply issue with semiconductors, and President Biden has yet to rein in the price of energy for Americans as costs continue to skyrocket.

What has caused these shortages and the subsequent inflation? Is Biden to blame in the US? Or perhaps the global supply chain is the culprit. Maybe it’s a combination of the two?

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