Biden Announces New Crackdowns on Russia in Europe Trip

Biden Announces New Crackdowns on Russia in Europe Trip

( – With Russia continuing to show aggression toward Ukraine, President Biden went to Europe in an effort to rally allies. The president was slated to speak about starting an initiative to further hurt Russia amid its battle with Ukraine. The administration hopes to implement some major moves to help aid Ukraine, including helping Europe become more energy independent.

Ahead of President Biden’s visit to Brussels, officials expected to hear him speak about redirecting liquified natural gas (LNG) to Europe in an effort to reduce the amount of dependence the region has on Russia. Biden met with Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, to further discuss details before departing for Poland.

President Biden also announced more sanctions against Russia, as well as members of its government, the Duma, and defense companies. The idea is to hinder any attempt by Russia to keep its economy afloat.

Reported by NBC News, Biden offered plans to admit 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, namely those who are deemed the most vulnerable, into the US and supply more humanitarian aid in the form of $1 billion.. The US promised to allocate, over the next five years, $11 billion to help with potential worldwide food shortages as a result of the conflict. A senior administration official claims the president is attempting to get more ally countries to do more to help Ukraine despite being under pressure in America to get the job done himself.

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