Angry Liberal Mob Shout And Jeer During Wedding To “Protest”

Angry Liberal Mob Shout And Jeer During Wedding To "Protest"

( – There is nothing wrong with protesting; it’s a right the Constitution grants to US citizens. Still, people should exercise a certain level of self-control and respect while demonstrating. It appears that Democrats have neither of those, at least not this group.

Extremist Democrats crashed a wedding recently simply because Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) was officiating. Despite the cries and teary-eyed pleas of the bride’s mother, protestors continued to disrupt the event.

It’s one thing to protest at public venues, but private events should be off-limits. Ruining someone’s special day will get your movement nowhere; if anything, it will just make people oppose it even more. It would seem there’s no going too far for extremists.

The mother asserted that her family hardly knew Sinema, telling the crowd that she didn’t disagree with their right to protest; she just asked for peace during her daughter’s wedding. While some protestors had the decency to hear the mother’s plea, others disregarded it and continued to disturb the peace.

Senator Sinema has been the target of several demonstrators, with some following her into the bathroom at Arizona State University (ASU) and others heckling her on a plane. Sinema is under pressure, along with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), to pass the Democrat’s massive spending package, though neither seems to have budged at all.

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