Amazon on Track to Set Major Records in 2022

Amazon on Track to Set Major Records in 2022

( –  With the vast amount of online shopping consumers in the world, home delivery has become popular. Amazon sticks out from the rest as it’s actually an online retailer with its own shipping service. The company has grown exponentially over nearly three decades, and it looks to continue that trend.

The online retailer didn’t always have its own shipping service. The company started delivering packages in 2007, but after a holiday debacle in 2013 and outside carriers failing to deliver packages, Amazon decided to focus on logistics. Since then, the company has expanded its shipping capabilities at a steady pace.

Now, Amazon threatens to overtake FedEx and UPS as America’s #1 delivery service. The pandemic has squeezed many companies, including carriers. Yet, the supply and labor shortages haven’t seemed to impact Amazon much.

Amazon CEO, Dave Clark, attributed Amazon’s success during the pandemic to its in-house delivery system, which uses its own planes and trucks, and the decision to ship to new ports to avoid any traffic jams or blocked docks.

Is Amazon’s business model the future of shipping and handling? Will businesses become more self-sufficient and begin delivering their own packages the same way Amazon did?

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