Alan Dershowitz Thinks Steve Bannon Indictment Is ‘Outrageous’

Alan Dershowitz Thinks Steve Bannon Indictment Is 'Outrageous'

( – On November 12, Biden’s Department of Justice indicted Steve Bannon after he ignored a subpoena from the House January 6 Committee. On November 15, Bannon handed himself over to federal authorities.

A professor at Harvard Law School, Alan Dershowitz, called Bannon’s indictment outrageous, noting that authorities can’t indict someone when they don’t know the law. The author of “The Case for Vaccine Mandates” added that no one actually knows whether Bannon had the right to refuse the subpoena when Trump told him to.

Dershowitz explained that a former president’s retention of executive privilege is a matter of debate. The law professor asserted that the court doesn’t have enough for a criminal indictment.

Dershowitz walked through the legal process he would take, asserting that first he would go to court and get a declaratory judgment, and then he would get an injunction and a court order. He added that officials needed to be careful about their use of the criminal justice system when there are questions about the meaning behind a law. The professor asserted that, in this case, we don’t know what the law is. He claimed that if there were 10 constitutional scholars in a room, they would split the vote 50/50 on whether a former president has the power to tell a former adviser to withhold documents and refuse to testify.

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