Actor Super Glues Self to Starbucks Counter To Protest Cost of Vegan Milk

Actor Super Glues Self to Starbucks Counter To Protest Cost of Vegan Milk

[WATCH] Hollywood Superstar Throws Childish Tantrum Over Price Of Vegan Milk

( – Celebrities are always using their fame and influence to convince people to follow causes they believe in. Some are more sincere than others, and some go to extremes to prove their points. One Oscar nominee recently superglued himself to the counter of a Starbucks to protest the cost of vegan “milk.”

James Cromwell, “LA Confidential” and “Babe” actor, took matters into his own hands, literally, when he decided to do something about the supposed higher prices Starbucks was charging for drinks containing plant-based milk. So he superglued his hand to the counter. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) live-streamed the display on Facebook. The actor used the opportunity to read from a script and talk about the impact on the environment animal-based milks have.

While asserting plant-based milk was more sustainable, Cromwell also mentioned that charging extra for the product was a discriminatory action, claiming people of color suffer from lactose intolerance at a higher rate than whites. Another PETA activist joined Cromwell, also gluing his hand to the counter. After about a half hour, Cromwell removed himself from the counter without incident.

Musician Paul McCartney has also called on Starbucks to end its supposed “vegan milk upcharge.” The 18-time Grammy winner made his statement in the form of a letter rather than gluing himself to a Starbucks counter.

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