300+ California Recall Ballots, Drugs, Found in Felon’s Car

300+ California Recall Ballots, Drugs, Found in Felon's Car

(UnitedReader.com) – On August 16, police responded to a call about a man sleeping in his car in a 7-Eleven parking lot in Torrance, CA. When the Police arrived on the scene, they found the man inside was a felon — but that’s not all they found in the suspicious vehicle.

California’s embattled Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) faces a recall election on September 14th. Early voting begins on September 11, and state election officials must receive all postmarked mail-in ballots by September 21. A recent discovery by California police officers is fueling concerns about voter fraud.


The Ballots

Police officers discovered more than 300 ballots for the upcoming recall election when they conducted a post-arrest search of the vehicle. Torrance Police Department officials said the suspect’s plans for the ballots remain a mystery, adding it’s unclear how he obtained the ballots.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney Public Integrity Unit and the US Postal Service (USPS) are working with the Torrance Police Department’s Special Investigation Division as it conducts its inquiry.

Police officials also confirmed the ballots were not connected to any other known thefts of mail-in ballots. The Torrance PD reassured residents that voters that had been identified as having their ballots misplaced by the felon would receive new ballots in time for the election.

Sgt. Mark Ponegalek of the Torrance Police Department said the ballots were unopened and didn’t appear tampered with in any way.

Other Findings

Police also found Xanax and methamphetamine in the vehicle along with a scale and a loaded handgun. Officers also found thousands of pieces of mail and multiple credit cards and driver’s licenses that were not under the felon’s name.

The suspect, whom police haven’t yet named, is facing charges of forgery as well as numerous firearm and drug charges. Authorities released him on his own recognizance.

Added Questions

Police remain unclear as to the suspect’s intentions regarding the recall ballots. With the integrity of the 2020 results remaining questionable, one can only speculate.

The discovery of the ballots also raises concerns regarding their distribution in past, present, and future elections.

Did similar instances influence previous elections? What actions will take place to ensure similar issues don’t happen in future elections?

All of these are serious questions that need addressing. But, unfortunately, we may never know all the answers.

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