New Guinean Member of Parliament Charged With Murder in Deadly Shooting

New Guinean Member of Parliament Charged With Murder in Deadly Shooting

( – On March 11, three men were having dinner when there was a gunshot. Sadly, one individual died. In a scandalous twist, authorities charged a member of New Guinea’s Parliament in the murder.

Officials alleged that the Papua New Guinean Member of Parliament (MP), Lohia Boe Samuel, was having dinner with Robert Jerry and one other man at the Fusion 2 restaurant on March 11. A firearm discharged and struck the 38-year-old Jerry, killing him. According to the Guardian, the assistant police commissioner, Anthony Wagambie, placed the time of the shooting between 7 and 8 p.m.

Following Samuel’s arrest, Wagambie admitted the police department understood the emotions and feelings of the public but mentioned authorities have a duty to uphold. The assistant police commissioner noted that detectives had to put the puzzle together before making their arrest.

Samuel was serving his first term as an MP after winning a by-election last year; his opposition leader, Beldan Namah, has since called for his immediate resignation. Police believe Samuel is the owner of the firearm that killed Jerry. Officials have charged the MP under the PNG Criminal Code Act’s Section 300, subsection (1) (b)(ii), which applies to any action that endangers a human life, regardless of whether it was an accident or not.

Wagambie mentioned to the Guardian that authorities are charging the third man, who has not been identified, with being an accomplice to murder. The police commissioner added that both men are currently in custody at the Boroko Police Station and being held without bail.

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