Why 2A Activists Should Pay Special Attention to the Eviction Moratorium

Why 2A Activists Should Pay Special Attention to the Eviction Moratorium

(UnitedReader.com) – The CDC’s eviction moratorium came to an end on July 31, putting millions of people at risk of being homeless. The organization extended a new moratorium until early October shortly afterward; it specifically focuses on relief in areas with heightened levels of community transmission. But, Americans should still pay close attention to this ongoing development — especially if they believe in the Second Amendment.

The problem lies in what prompted the extension. President Biden initially asked the CDC to issue a new, slightly altered moratorium. The former believes the Supreme Court will shoot down the new moratorium, but feels the time it will take for the courts to catch up will serve as a stop-gap measure for those currently affected.

In short, President Biden is on the record stating his perfect willingness to ignore the Constitution — and his Presidential Oath — in favor of political gain.

The real question conservatives and pro-2A members of society should ask is whether Biden will cut corners while addressing gun control legislation.

The chances of Biden attempting a similar stunt with guns may actually be on the rise. The president proved he’d rather pander to Democrats than do his duty by abusing court processes to force the moratorium issue. Given that his job is to protect, preserve, and uphold the Constitution, doesn’t this effectively make him neglectful?

While the new moratorium isn’t technically “law” yet, Bided left the CDC in charge of enforcing it. He even granted the organization the ability to impose criminal penalties. What might happen if he took the same path when addressing issues related to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives?

Second Amendment activists, along with citizens who believe the Constitution is the supreme law in the US, must closely watch how this unfolds. What looks like one isolated issue could affect us all in the broader scheme. At the very least, it might become a slippery slope.

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