White House Places Sanctions on Cuba Amid Cries for Action

White House Places Sanctions on Cuba Amid Cries for Action

(UnitedReader.com) – With the ongoing crisis in Cuba, Americans want the federal government to aid the Cuban people. Their communist government is going to great lengths to cut them off from the outside world in an effort to silence them. In fact, it recently shut off the country’s internet access altogether.

The White House finally decided to act just recently. The Biden administration will sanction a top Cuban military official blamed for human rights violations taking place on the island. Álvaro López Miera, who serves as Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, is the intended target of the penalty, which is allowed by the Global Magnitsky Act. 

Some experts are concerned about the fact that similar sanctions were already in place due to the embargo put on the island by the US. So, what is actually going to change? For now, it would seem the penalty is more for show and political posturing than actually enacting change.

At least the Biden administration has finally taken action to aid Cuba as the people fight against the effects of communist rule. Hopefully, these efforts continue and pay off in the end; freedom is always worth the fight.

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