Vladimir Putin Rejects Military Action Calls Into Afghanistan: “We’ve Learned Our Lesson”

Vladimir Putin Rejects Military Action Calls Into Afghanistan: "We've Learned Our Lesson"

(UnitedReader.com) – The recent Taliban takeover in Afghanistan is raising concern in several countries. While some authorities have declared the Taliban the legitimate leaders of the country, others haven’t and don’t plan to until more information becomes available. Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking an extremely cautious approach to events in Afghanistan.

On August 24, President Putin called the Afghan crisis alarming, but said the situation remains difficult to assess. He reassured his constituents that Moscow will continue to keep a close eye on how the incident unfolds in the near future.

In addition, Russia plans to cooperate with its allies within the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

President Putin also refused to take military action, adding that Russia has no future plan to intervene. He cited “bad luck” in past conflicts with the Middle Eastern region as a driving force behind the decision to opt out. In 1979, the Soviet Union unsuccessfully attempted to support the then-communist Afghan government against anti-communist threats.

While Russia has yet to determine whether it will recognize the Taliban as the formal head of Afghanistan, their ally Tajikistan has no such qualms. It’s refusing to see the Taliban as the country’s stand-alone leaders. This could place Russia between a rock and a hard place, should Moscow decide the other way.

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