Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Calls Out World Leaders for Failure to Act With Mic Drop Statement

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Calls Out World Leaders for Failure to Act With Mic Drop Statement

( – As the conflict continues in Ukraine, it’s clear that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is becoming fed up with the rest of the world. The Ukrainian President has asked on numerous occasions for members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and other countries to intervene and help defend his nation against Russia’s aggression. Zelenskyy just reinforced this stance while also calling out world leaders for their hollow promises.

“Never Again”

President Zelenskyy recently sat down and spoke with Jake Tapper, CNN anchor, on Easter’s airing of State of the Union to speak about the ongoing conflict in his country. During the exclusive interview, the Ukrainian President asserted he doesn’t believe other world leaders when they claim they will never again let genocide take place.

He gave an explanation for his bold statement, asserting they’ve sat by and done nothing while Russia attempts to steamroll Ukraine. President Biden has even called out Putin for committing war crimes and has admitted to considering Russia’s aggression “genocide.” Yet, no leaders are stepping in to stop what’s happening.


The bloc of nations in NATO and the organization as a whole played a crucial part in the beginning of this conflict. Ukraine looked to join NATO for a sense of security amid fears of a Russian invasion. On the other hand, President Putin didn’t want Ukraine to join NATO as he believed it would directly threaten Russia’s sovereignty. It’s likely that Ukraine’s desire to join NATO was a triggering factor in Putin’s aggression.

NATO came about in 1949, not long after the end of World War II. The organization had one goal: protect the freedom and security of Allied nations through both military and political action. An attack against one member of NATO is an attack against the entire bloc.

Only One Belief

After President Zelenskyy talked with Tapper about not trusting the words of other nations, he asserted Ukraine relies on only itself at this point. The Ukrainian leader pointed out that his country wants to feel confident help is on the way. Ukraine wants more than just words; its people want actions.

Zelenskyy explained that world leaders are quick to talk about what’s happening in Ukraine, but none of them have the guts to do what needs to be done. The Ukrainian President declared that if countries really were friends or partners of Ukraine, they would do the right thing and supply the country with money, weapons, and support to help stave off Russia’s attack.

Will they hear Zelenskyy’s plea for help?

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