Trump Releases “Surrenderer-in-Chief” Video Blasting Biden

Trump Releases "Surrenderer-in-Chief" Video Blasting Biden

( – Former President Donald Trump rarely shies away from saying how he feels. In fact, he’s famous for refusing to back down to pressure from Left-leaning leaders, including President Joe Biden. He and the Save America JFC PAC recently went on the offensive with a damning new video that slams the commander-in-chief for failing to fulfill his promises.

The “Surrenderer-in-Chief” commercial depicts events occurring within Biden’s first year in office. It showcases the graphic reality of how the president’s policies contributed to the crisis in Afghanistan and how inflation continues to devastate American citizens.

The commercial also draws attention to the border crisis, which Trump feels the current administration largely ignores.

A companion statement from Trump also slams the current president’s job performance on multiple levels. In it, he accuses Biden of deceit for suggesting America and diplomacy are somehow “back”.

Trump also expressed dismay at the current President’s decision to surrender to the Taliban’s demands — a move he’s sure will go down as the “worst military blunder” in the history of the United States.

The Republican leader also had a lot to say about how far today’s America seems from the version most citizens know and love. He partially blames this shift on mass media outlets, who refuse to hold Joe Biden accountable for his mistakes.

Biden’s approval rating essentially reversed course shortly after the Taliban took Kabul on August 22. An exclusive poll shared by USA Today indicates just 41% of Americans approve of his overall job performance. The same report suggests only 39 percent agree with the way he’s handling the economy.

These statistics make it clear that a significant portion of Americans aren’t happy with his performance. But who will take his place in 2024, should his approval continue to fall? Could the campaign-like style of the Surrenderer-in-Chief video be a sign Trump intends to run?

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