Trump Issues Prediction on Gas Prices in America

Trump Issues Prediction on Gas Prices in America

( – One thing Trump took pride in when he was President of the United States (POTUS) was the economy and, namely, fuel prices for Americans. As anyone in America can see, gas prices are currently at uncomfortable highs, and Trump thinks they’re only going to get worse.


Americans take great pride in their independence. After all, it’s what helped forge the nation into what it is today. Still, independence goes further than individual freedom and a nation’s right to govern itself. In this case, energy independence is the main focus. Under the Trump administration, the United States became energy independent, which Trump claims is why gas prices and energy costs were so low.

Trump claimed that the United States didn’t need to rely on Russia or the Middle East for fuel. He noted that he began the Keystone XL pipeline while also ending a Russian pipeline. The former president said energy independence was a goal for his administration, but the new administration has changed its course. President Biden stopped the Keystone XL pipeline from completion, only to allow Russia to complete its massive project.

Earlier Predictions

Former President Trump often pointed to the price of fuel as a topic of debate between himself and Biden, asserting that the United States would see an increase in gas prices. Early on in Biden’s presidency, Trump stated that gas could reach as much as $5 per gallon. At least one town in California saw fuel prices at $7.59 per gallon.

The former president mentioned that gas hit $1.87 during his administration’s time in the White House. Trump makes a bold prediction about the trend, one that will hopefully not come to pass.

Gas Prices Still Increasing

Trump’s newest calculation came as he spoke with Jeanine Pirro of Fox News. The former president believes Americans may soon be paying as much as $10 for a gallon of fuel, possibly even more than that. President Biden offers little reassurance as he claims the most he can do is decrease the price by a measly few cents. Meanwhile, Trump believes he would have gas prices back down to $2-2.50 in as little as six months.

Will gas prices continue to rise? Will they exceed $10 per gallon as Trump is predicting? Perhaps this is the one time when Americans don’t want the former president to be right. The increase in gas prices will hit lower- and middle-class families the hardest, as wealthier ones would have the resources to pay the inflated prices.

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