Some Liberals Are Refusing to Arrest Illegals Despite Governor’s Order

Some Liberals Are Refusing to Arrest Illegals Despite Governor's Order

( – Under the Trump administration, the situation at the border was improving and security increased. With former President Donald Trump out of office, the border has been experiencing an unprecedented influx of people. Security has plummeted, leading to the seemingly neverending wave of illegal immigration.

In Texas, some counties are actually refusing to arrest these immigrants, despite Governor Greg Abbott’s orders. Counties that experience the most illegal traffic are one and the same as those refusing to follow the governor’s initiative.

Instead, Texas State Troopers must dispatch agents into the smaller communities to make the arrests. Overseeing Hidalgo county’s disaster response, County Judge Richard Cortez said the county can not in “good faith” tell residents there is an emergency, when in fact there is not.

US Border Customs and Protection data shows record increases in illegal crossings along certain stretches of the US-Mexico Border. Additionally, hundreds of law enforcement officers have been sent to the border to help make arrests in recent weeks.

All Texas counties bordering Mexico were asked to participate in making these arrests. The state was to transfer nearly $250 million in funding for the initiative under Abbott’s original request. As of June 28th, only those who adhere to the governor’s orders will receive funding.

Officials in counties that opted out say one issue is whether or not the arrests are legal. Counties not participating in the disaster order have stated that these recent upswings in illegal immigration are similar to years 2014, 2018, and 2019.

Arrests began in the Del Rio Region, where landowners were complaining and nonprofit organizations no longer had room to house those seeking asylum. Near the county jail in Owens County, state troopers and National Guardsmen are prevalent as a new processing center has been put into place.

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