Shocking #FreeBritney Development Unfolds

Shocking #FreeBritney Development Unfolds

( – The relationship between Britney Spears and her father became extremely complex when he took control of her personal, financial, and legal decision-making capacities under a court-ordered conservatorship in late 2008. Spears reportedly suffered a mental and emotional breakdown at the time, and her father stepped in to protect her interests.

Britney recently filed court documents to remove him from his role as conservator. The international pop star alleged that her father’s role as conservator was an “abusive” one. For example, she claimed he wouldn’t allow her to visit friends, ride in a car with her boyfriend, or have any say in her daily food options.

Ms. Spears also said she wants to get married and have another child, but her father and other members of her conservatorship team would not allow her to remove her IUD, a form of birth control.

In a shocking turn of events, Jamie Spears agreed to step down as Britney’s financial conservator. However, his August 12 announcement doesn’t immediately end his role in that capacity. His lawyer says he will file court documents explaining the elder Spears will step aside “when the time is right.”

Although the move represents a significant legal victory for Ms. Spears, several questions remain. For example, who gets to decide when Jamie Spears will step down? Who gets to set the criteria?

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