Shhhhh – This Guy Kept His Lottery Win a Secret

Shhhhh - This Guy Kept His Lottery Win a Secret

( – Millions of people routinely play the lottery in hopes of changing their lives forever, although very few are ever lucky enough to win a large sum of money.

A Toronto man’s dreams came true over the summer after he won a $27.9 million jackpot. Ginno Torres, 29, stated he couldn’t believe he’d won the jackpot and checked his ticket at three different locations before the reality of his good fortune became real for him.

Torres said he was in such disbelief that he kept his win a secret for over a month. He told Ontario Lottery and Gaming officials that he felt numb, and his stomach was in knots after he heard he’d won the massive sum of money.

Torres said he wanted to make sure what was happening was real before he announced his good fortune to his family. He added that he wished to take care of his family. Torres also wanted to invest some of his winnings to ensure he’d be set for years to come with his lucky break.

Torres’ account isn’t the first time an incident like this one has occurred. Another Canadian man and Vietnamese refugee, Bon Truong, won 60 million CAD, or nearly 48 million USD.

Truong, like Torres, kept his winnings a secret. Truong had played the same numbers regularly since settling in Canada over 36 years ago, and he kept his winnings a secret for 10 months!

Perhaps Canadians are both lucky and good at keeping secrets.

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