Putin Refuses To Negotiate — Resorts to Unrestricted War of Conquest

Putin Refuses To Negotiate -- Resorts to Unrestricted War of Conquest

(UnitedReader.com) – The war in Ukraine continues as President Volodymyr Zelenskyy tries to keep his country in one piece. While Russian President Vladimir Putin was once open to diplomatic peace talks, it appears he’s changed course and is opting for a hostile takeover. Russia is looking to conquer as much of Ukraine as it can.

Not Interested

President Putin had previously considered the idea of a peace deal with Ukraine after his forces suffered major setbacks throughout the course of Russia’s aggression. According to the Financial Times, Ukraine and Russia are past diplomatic solutions in the eyes of Putin. The Russian President’s about-face on the subject came after Ukraine took credit for the sinking of Moskva, Russia’s Black Sea flagship. Now, he insists on taking as much of Ukraine as he can, claiming peace talks were never on the table.

President Zelenskyy also mentioned there would be no peace talks if Russian forces killed people in Mariupol or staged an incursion in Kherson. The Ukrainian leader asserted he wants to continue looking for a diplomatic solution but can’t until he’s sure of the Kremlin’s next move.

Cause for Concern

Ukrainian officials in Kyiv are worried the Russian President is going to attempt to seize the entire southeast part of Ukraine rather than stop at his stated goal of taking over the Donbas region. If Putin does conquer the southeastern part of Ukraine, it would cut the country off from the sea. Zelenskyy and others in Ukraine are confident their forces can fight off the Russians. While that’s good for them, the rest of the world is worried increased tensions or continued military setbacks may cause Putin to resort to the use of tactical nukes.

Suffering on All Sides

There’s no doubt that the real losers of these conflicts are the people involved. For Ukraine, they’ve lost more than just soldiers, they’ve lost their homes and their people, including children. While Moscow denies it, The Conversation reports thousands of civilian deaths, along with as many as 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers. There is ample evidence against Russian forces that constitute war crimes.

For Russia, Putin has been humiliated by the way the war is going. He expected his forces to steamroll Ukraine in a matter of weeks, not months. Not to mention the embarrassment he’s facing after the Moska sank. Russia has lost hundreds, if not thousands, of troops in its battle for Ukraine.

It’s not just Russia and Ukraine suffering; this conflict’s negative impact has leaked into the rest of the world, where countries dependent on Russian oil and gas struggle with sky-high prices thanks to sanctions against Russia. The war has become resource intensive for countries acting on Ukraine’s behalf, such as the US, which has sent both money and armaments to Ukraine. The impacts of this war will only get worse as more time passes, and right now, there’s no end to the fighting in sight.

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