Pilot Forced to Land Plane After Mid-flight Attack

Pilot Forced to Land Plane After Mid-flight Attack

(UnitedReader.com) – From phantom poopers to snakes on a plane, there are plenty of wacky mid-flight stories out there. While most of these stories are harmless, there are certainly scary ones to tell as well, especially when they involve someone being attacked.

Earlier this year, after leaving Khartoum, Sudan, a flight was forced to make an emergency landing after an attack on the pilot. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the attack, and it only involved a stray cat that happened to stowaway on the plane. Authorities believe the furious feline wandered onboard the plane the night before takeoff.

After reaching a cruising altitude for about 30 minutes, the pilot turned the plane back to Khartoum International Airport because the crew failed to apprehend the crazed cat, much to the passengers’ chagrin. The full extent of the pilot’s injuries was unknown but they were not life-threatening.

After the attack, none of the passengers onboard claimed the cat, leading authorities to believe the furball with razorblades and attitude snuck onto the plane while it was parked in the hangar the previous night.

Surprisingly, cat encounters at 30,000 feet happen all too frequently. Other encounters include:

  • 2004: A cat attacked the pilot on a flight originating in Brussels, Belgium, headed for Vienna, Austria.
  • 2019: A cat stowed away in luggage on a flight departing Isle of Man. Fortunately, the kitty never made it to the plane because security found the feline stashed in a couple’s luggage. The cat’s owner appeared genuinely surprised by the cat’s presence.
  • 2021: A cat destroyed the cabin and cockpit of an Israeli El Al plane. The animal chewed through plastic, handles, and other items.

While these encounters certainly caused trouble aboard planes, birds flying outside tend to do the most damage and potentially cause the greatest risk. They might damage a plane’s cockpit or engines, forcing an emergency landing.

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