Pete Buttigieg’s Presidential Hopes Are Over

Pete Buttigieg's Presidential Hopes Are Over

( – President Biden’s future in the White House is anyone’s best guess, and the Democratic Party needs to have a contingency plan for who they want at the top of the ballot should Biden decide not to seek re-election. Vice President Kamala Harris was likely their next best bet, but her poor performance as second in command has pushed voters away from her as well. It would appear that Pete Buttigieg is the next one to have a path to the White House, but even his presidential dreams are likely over.

Secretary of Transportation

Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, IN, has found himself in Biden’s White House as the Secretary of Transportation. Recently, the president joined Buttigieg to market his $1.2 trillion infrastructure package. However, as America is still facing a supply chain crisis, political experts believe that his performance in this position has undermined his ability to run for President in the future. Buttigieg’s lack of action to fight off the current issues may be the nail in his political coffin. After all, people will notice that he couldn’t even do his job as Transportation Secretary, let alone run the entire country.

Buttigieg’s inexperience is showing through, making him a hard sell to voters. Nicholas Creel, a business law professor at Georgia College and State University and political scientist, expects Buttigieg’s lack of experience to make it harder for him to stand out on a crowded ticket. Creel believes Buttigieg’s role as the transportation secretary isn’t lending him any political influence.

Supply Chain Crisis

America’s current supply chain crisis has resulted from a combination of several factors. One is the amount of demand suppliers are facing from the American consumer. Another is the reduced transportation of goods and services to supply the demand of American consumers. There is a severe shortage of truck drivers, making it difficult to move goods across the country and into stores for the public to buy.

As a result of multiple industries not keeping up with demand, suppliers have increased prices of certain goods to help relieve pressure, meaning they cost more to consumers. The lack of truck drivers is causing problems at the ports of America as well, where cargo ships wait to unload but can’t because there’s nowhere to put the containers. The crisis is hurting American families, some of which are desperately struggling to get everything they need.

Currently, there’s no end in sight to the supply chain crisis, and Buttigieg’s image among voters is likely to fall even further as the problem continues. His position as Secretary of Transportation may not have the political influence he needs to earn a spot on top of the docket. Still, his job performance will stick in the minds of Americans who will see his failures as evidence that he’s not fit to run the country.

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