Nightclub Shooting Leaves 14 People Injured

Nightclub Shooting Leaves 14 People Injured

( – The pandemic caused many people to isolate, which certainly brought the worst out of some who couldn’t get the help they needed. The United States saw a spike in violent crime, and the problem doesn’t seem to have gone away. A recent shooting serves as a grim reminder of the trend.

Authorities in Las Vegas, NV are on the hunt for suspects responsible for injuring 14 people in a shooting at a hookah bar.

Responding law enforcement officials discovered 14 people suffering from gunshot wounds in the lounge. Investigators believe the shooting resulted from an altercation between two suspects. Police reported that the 14 suffering from injuries were taken to local medical facilities, where one victim died. Two of them are in critical condition, while the rest are currently stable.

Police reported the suspects became irate and exchanged gunfire, which resulted in the 14 injuries. The investigation is still ongoing, and police currently have no suspects in custody.

Captain Dori Koren of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department stated that the Clark County Coroner’s Office would release the details surrounding the deceased victim’s death, such as the individual’s identity and specifically how they died, at an unspecified date.

Fortunately, authorities determined the shooting was an isolated incident.

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