Maduro Ally Extradited to US On Corruption Charges

Maduro Ally Extradited to US On Corruption Charges

( – Authorities arrested an ally of the Venezuelan leader, Nicolás Maduro, about 16 months ago. Tensions between the US and Venezuela are once again high, as the man that prosecutors claim was a crucial part of the inner circle of Maduro’s crime ring faces charges of corruption in the US.

It didn’t take long for the Venezuelan leader to end negotiations with his opposition, which the American government backed after Alex Saab, Maduro’s ally, boarded a US-bound flight. After his extradition to America, Saab sat in a courtroom for his hearing.

John O’Sullivan, magistrate judge, presented the charges against Saab, who communicated through an interpreter. O’Sullivan informed the Colombian-born businessman that he was facing eight counts of money laundering. He set another hearing in two weeks, at which time Saab will be able to enter a plea.

Saab could be guilty of much more than just laundering money. The American government believes that Maduro’s ally is a significant source of the corruption and violence in Venezuela. In 2019, Saab received an indictment that charged him with falsifying documents, money laundering, and bribing government officials in his home country.

Currently, Saab only faces charges for money laundering, but more indictments could be on the way. We will keep you updated as his case progresses.

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