Lawmakers Pass Key Gun Ownership Law

Lawmakers Pass Key Gun Ownership Law

( – North Carolina lawmakers passed a bill on Wednesday that would allow residents to purchase a handgun without first obtaining a permit from the local sheriff’s office.

In the Tar Heel State, you must visit your local sheriff’s office to obtain a permit before you can buy a handgun. Throughout this newly passed bill, Republican lawmakers want to get rid of this requirement. They say gun stores already conduct federal background checks, rendering the extra step unnecessary.

Unfortunately, both Republicans and Democrats expect the matter to die on Governor Roy Cooper’s (D-NC) desk because he typically supports further gun control measures. However, the North Carolina Sheriffs Association recently shifted its views, opting to support it instead of shooting it down right out of the gate.

The new legislation initially passed the state’s House with a 69 to 48 vote back in May. However, it did little to remove existing laws, despite Republicans securing a 27 to 20 party-line vote. It eventually became a subject of debate on North Carolina’s Senate floor on August 18. Senator Chuck Edwards (R-NC) called the original laws it sought to replace “duplicative, obsolete, and completely ineffective”.

The Second Amendment firmly states the American people have the “right to bear arms”. That means many of the regulations focusing on limiting access to firearms today likely violate the Constitution, which also states “no person may infringe” upon another person’s Second Amendment rights. North Carolina Republicans are now taking action to help reaffirm that fundamental truth, shoring up 2A laws within the state.

Laws like this make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to access handguns, which most consumers seek for self-protection. Should individuals that follow the law jump through more hoops than those that do not?

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