Lara Trump Predicts Hunter Biden’s Artwork May Be “Very Damaging” To Joe Biden

Lara Trump Predicts Hunter Biden's Artwork May Be "Very Damaging" To Joe Biden

( – Many artists express themselves through their work, but it’s not immediately apparent that’s what President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is doing. The younger Biden’s work may cause the President issues. Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of former President Trump, had plenty to say about the situation.

Mrs. Trump noted the circumstances would be different if Hunter had prior experience in the art industry and an established business before his father became President of the United States. Instead, his sudden interest in creating and selling art came after America elected his father, a situation that leads many to believe he’s taking advantage of his privileged position.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki recently deflected a question when asked about reports that buyers of the younger Biden’s paintings were being vetted. Former Obama administration ethics expert, Walter Shaub, indicated that the American people deserve to know about the sales since purchasers could attempt to gain access to the White House by paying inflated prices for the paintings.

Lara Trump explained that her family went above and beyond normal ethical procedures during her father-in-law’s presidency. She also pointed out if a similar situation to the sale of Hunter’s paintings occurred during Trump’s time in office, there would have been little doubt Democrats would have pushed for a criminal investigation, perhaps even another impeachment trial.

The Democrats’ lack of concern over the numerous scandals involving Hunter Biden operates in direct contrast to their attitude regarding Donald Trump and his family.

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