Kamala Harris Now Leading Climate Change Fight Instead of the Real Issues

Kamala Harris Now Leading Climate Change Fight Instead of the Real Issues

(UnitedReader.com) – Vice President Kamala Harris is now the leading voice in selling the Biden reconciliation plan, particularly its environmental programs. While her allies say climate change is a problem she’s tried to address since her time as a US Senator, her critics and opposition haven’t been so kind. Let’s not forget that Harris has been in charge of other issues she has yet to solve.

Now that Harris is leading the charge against climate change, it makes critics wonder if she will accomplish anything. In all fairness, they may have a right to do so given her track record.

President Joe Biden put Harris in charge of the administration’s response to the mounting crisis at the nation’s southern border. Sadly, Americans can observe in real time how well that program advanced. Harris’s solution to the problem was simply to tell immigrants not to come rather than implement enforcement to deter illegal crossing.

Harris campaigned for Governor Newsom (D-CA) during California’s recall election, which also rubbed critics the wrong way as California residents remained in Afghanistan after Biden’s botched withdrawal. Now, VP Harris has decided to focus on climate change rather than prioritize issues she’s previously been tasked with handling.

Is she avoiding her job on purpose, or might Harris be struggling with the demands that come with being the Vice President of the United States? Will she actually follow through this time?

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