Is It Possible for Politicians To Put the “Party Over Politics” Mentality Aside?

Is It Possible for Politicians To Put the "Party Over Politics" Mentality Aside?

Democrat SWITCHES SIDES – Is This A Sign?

( – Modern-day politics have become extremely polarized. The divide between the Republican and Democratic parties is larger than it’s ever been. Despite this polarization and divide, some politicians can set aside their political differences to endorse members of a different party. These rare individuals display what it means for political leaders to do the best thing for their constituents.

Well Matched Manchin

US Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), has proven he’s a moderate Democrat, not siding with his party simply because it’s his party. Instead, Manchin decides to do what he believes is in the best interest of West Virginians, exactly what political leaders should do. The senator proved he won’t blindly vote for Democratic policies when he decided to vote against President Biden’s Build Back Better bill.

Now, once again, Senator Manchin is proving he’s able to put aside political differences for the betterment of his constituents and his state. The Democrat recently appeared in an ad, supporting US Representative David McKinley, despite the rep being a Republican. Manchin came to the defense of McKinley after his opponent, US Representative Alex Mooney, attempted to discredit him for allegedly voting for Biden’s Build Back Better, which McKinley voted against.

Manchin asserted that he believes if he can’t explain why he voted for something when he returns to West Virginia, then he doesn’t vote for it. The senator claimed McKinley was the same way, all about the people of West Virginia, before declaring Representative Mooney was only worried about himself.

Overcoming the Mental Block

Politics have become a nasty business, publicly shaming people while berating and belittling them. In some cases, politicians even implement the use of personal attacks, abandoning professionalism altogether. But politics are more than mudslinging, and Senator Manchin serves as perhaps one of the best examples of good policymaking. In some cases, political leaders do side with those on the opposite side of the divide if they think it’s what’s best for them.

During the previous presidential election, despite all the hostility toward then-President Trump, several Democrats still decided to endorse him. Vernon Jones, a Georgia State Representative (D), told his fellow black Americans to leave their “mental plantations” during his remarks at a GOP convention ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Several Democratic mayors in Minnesota also announced their support of Trump, citing the damage Obama’s administration did to their mining communities.

The broader view doesn’t end with Democrats supporting Republicans. In fact, several members of the GOP decided to endorse then-presidential candidate Biden, including Senator John McCain and his family; Carly Fiorina, a GOP rival to Trump in 2016; and Meg Whitman, a GOP mega-donor. Perhaps politics aren’t as shallow as everyone has come to believe.

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