Hong Kong Arrests Students for Expressing “Terrorist” Views

Hong Kong Arrests Students for Expressing "Terrorist" Views

(UnitedReader.com) – Hong Kong is the epicenter of a political war as its citizens fight for freedom against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). China’s government disapproves of peaceful demonstrations by pro-democracy advocates, but activists refuse to back down. Hong Kong is taking an increasingly hard-line approach to squashing dissent from the people.

The city’s most recent incident occurred on Wednesday, August 18, at a memorial for a man who stabbed a police officer and took his own life back in July. Activists and four key student union leaders gathered for a moment of silence to share their sympathy over loss. Police promptly arrested them for supporting terrorism.

China’s relatively new national security force aims to crack down on citizens opposing the views of the CCP, which exploded after a demonstration in 2019. During that time, 800,000 citizens took to the streets of the city with five core demands:

  1. Universal suffrage
  2. The withdrawal of the extradition bill
  3. An end to officials calling protestors rioters
  4. No charges against protestors
  5. An independent inquiry for police actions

Hong Kong’s protests have, for the most part, been peaceful. However, pro-democracy advocates blame the government and police for creating extremists, saying people have no choice but to become violent. Six teenagers took part in an event that led to nine arrests back in July. Authorities claim the detainees were creating bombs and plotting to place them strategically in courtrooms, railways and other public domains.

Is the Chinese government forcing the very people who seek peace and freedom to become violent? How much oppression can any person take before they hit their breaking point?

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