Happy National Inventors’ Day!

(United Reader) – We can thank an inventor for nearly everything we have today. That’s why on January 13th, 1983, President Ronald Reagan declared February 11th National Inventors’ Day to appreciate and celebrate the people who have changed our lives. Let’s take a look at this special day.

Why Was It Created?

It’s pretty safe to say that we live our lives the way we do thanks to technology and the people who invented it. President Reagan recognized this and stated in his proclamation that inventors are crucial to the technological progress that plays a vital part in our economy, environment and society. He chose February 11th because it’s the birthday of Thomas Edison, arguably the greatest inventor of all time.

Thomas Edison

Edison brought us several groundbreaking inventions such as the phonograph, electric light bulbs and the motion picture projector. Thomas has over 1,000 US patents in his name, making him one of the most successful inventors of all time, at least in terms of patents.

Thanks to him we now enjoy light in our homes and several other amenities and technologies that never would’ve been possible without his prowess. However, Edison was not alone in his efforts to better the lives of people.

Jerome Lemelson

Lemelson closely follows Edison in terms of patents, having 600 of his own. He and his wife founded the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation at the National Museum of American History. The public is encouraged to “solve problems, navigate challenges and effect real change in their lives and communities” through the use of knowledge, research, public programs, educational initiatives and exhibitions by the center.

Lemelson had his hand, either partially or as a whole, in several inventions. Some of these inventions include cordless telephones, fax machines, automated warehouses, industrial robots and camcorders. All of these items have grown and evolved into the technology we have today.

Final Thoughts

Inventors and their ingenious creations have brought us where we are today. They’ve played a crucial role in the way society has developed over the years. We will continue to improve our lives for the better through innovation and invention.

There are plenty of intelligent people in the world. All it takes is one lucky break, and you could change the world forever. These and other inventors are proof that when you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

Through hard work and perseverance (sometimes learning from a failure or two), we can improve this place for ourselves and others. We have a bright future ahead, and we owe it to the innovators before us who paved the way. We owe future generations the same privilege.

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