Female Mayor Forced to Flee With Bag Over Head in Afghanistan

Female Mayor Forced to Flee With Bag Over Head in Afghanistan

(UnitedReader.com) – The Taliban is infamous for oppressing women. The group believes in Sharia Law, a religious belief that, among other atrocities, strips women of all basic rights. So, when the Taliban says women will have rights, they mean according to Islamic law.

Now, one of the first Afghan mayors is pleading with western troops to stay in order to save lives.

Zarifa Ghafari knows just how badly women fare under Sharia law. The mayor says she was forced to flee Kabul shortly after the takeover.

The 29-year-old hid in the footwell of a vehicle with a bag over her head to avoid attracting Taliban attention. She says their soldiers have attempted to end her life before.

Mayor Ghafari also told ITV News she was frightened but felt lucky enough to escape at all — an option so often unavailable for other Afghan women. She laments the takeover’s toll, expressing discouragement and lack of faith in her country’s future.

Ghafhari is also one of many Afghan exiles who are deeply upset that the US withdrew its forces and seemingly enabled the chaos. She sent a message to President Joe Biden reminding him her blood, and the blood of those in Afghanistan is no different than his.

It’s a chilling statement, and the world is listening.

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