Federal Judge Blocks Abbot’s Border Directive

Federal Judge Overturns Abbot's Border Directive

(UnitedReader.com) – The Biden administration appears either unwilling or unable to address the mounting crisis at the nation’s southern border. As a result, Texas’ Republican Gov. Greg Abbott started addressing the issue directly through executive action. However, not everyone agrees with Abbott’s plan.

On July 28, Abbott issued an executive order restricting the transport of migrants by anyone other than state, local, and federal officials. His order also authorized Texas Department of Public Safety officers to stop any vehicle suspected of transporting migrants. Abbott’s order also granted officers the authority to impound offenders’ vehicles. US Attorney General Merrick Garland sent Abbott a letter demanding he rescind his order. When Abbott refused, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against him.

On August 3, US District Court Judge Kathleen Cardone issued a temporary restraining order blocking enforcement of Abbott’s order until at least August 13. At that time, she plans to hold a hearing on the matter.

Curiously, the Justice Department claimed it filed the lawsuit to protect the health and safety of migrants. However, there’s every reason to believe their unlawful transport through Texas unnecessarily places them in harm’s way. For example, 10 people died, and 20 more were injured due to an accident in Encino, Texas, involving the transport of migrants.

On August 3, Gov. Abbott’s office issued a press release explaining the restraining order was only a temporary measure based on “limited evidence.” Administration lawyers look forward to having the opportunity to present sufficient evidence to support Abbott’s executive order.

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