Fans Try “Dalgona Candy Challenge” From Netflix Series ‘Squid Game’

Fans Try "Dalgona Candy Challenge" From Netflix Series 'Squid Game'

( – Netflix is becoming a viewing powerhouse, bypassing the theaters and taking movies straight to the homes of viewers. The industry giant also provides some ground-breaking experiences with the TV series it creates. One such show, “Squid Game,” is among the more popular shows on the platform, prompting viewers to participate in a new challenge.

While Netflix is bringing films and shows into the homes of consumers, TikTok and other popular social media apps bring on the accompanying challenges. The most recent to gain traction is the “Dalgona Candy Challenge,” which reflects a similar task in the Netflix series “Squid Game,” in which participants must carve out a given shape in their candy.

The challenge is actually a real game children in South Korea play, although they do so without anyone’s failure resulting in death. Also called the “honeycomb” and “dalgona” challenge, the task, along with #dalgonacandychallenge, has gone viral with over five million views and counting.

Fans recreate the brittle candy, which has long been a beloved street food in South Korea, using melted sugar, and then they attempt to carve out shapes on the delicate surfaces. While it’s unclear what successful participants might win other than bragging rights, it’s good to note that the competition isn’t fatal.

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