Dozens of Governors Demand Meeting With Biden

Dozens of Governors Demand Meeting With Biden

( – President Joe Biden has made several highly controversial decisions since assuming office on January 20. Now that things have calmed down in the wake of his botched withdrawal and evacuation from Afghanistan, several governors have turned their attention back to the looming crisis at the nation’s southern border.

Twenty-six Republican governors signed a letter on September 20 demanding a meeting with President Biden. Among other measures, the governors want to discuss their concerns that the current situation at the southern Border and the influx of illegal migrants are creating an international humanitarian crisis.

Some of Biden’s harshest critics signed the letter, including Ron DeSantis of Florida, Gregg Abbott of Texas, and Doug Ducey, the head of Arizona. The letter asks President Biden to schedule a meeting within 15 days, so the group can discuss how to secure the border, while also protecting American citizens and incoming migrants attempting to become legal US citizens.

The letter noted that apprehensions at the border have increased by 500% compared to last year. Of particular concern is the fact that of the 1.3 million total border apprehensions, 9,700 have some sort of prior criminal history. The letter also mentioned that authorities confiscated more fentanyl during 2020 than they did in the previous three years combined.

The governors concluded their message by advising Biden that they had to send their own resources to help with the border crisis in the near absence of a federal response. The administration’s lack of attention to the border contributed to the growing problem. It’s high time the president stepped up and provided adequate support to the efforts of re-securing the border by enforcing existing immigration laws.

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