Dozens Missing After Pro-Democracy Protests Turn Violent

Dozens Missing After Pro-Democracy Protests Turn Violent

( – President Joe Biden issued a statement earlier this week praising the bravery of the Cuban people for standing up and protesting against the tyranny of the failed Communist regime that has ruled the island nation for decades. Administration officials announced the United States would not take in any refugees who “took to the seas” to reach American shores. Meanwhile, the historic protests continue, and Cuban men and women continue to face violence and arrest.

The protests in Cuba have resulted in at least one death, family members and friend have reported dozens of people as missings. In all likelihood, Cuban law enforcement officials have taken those individuals into custody. However, it’s hard to know their fate with any certainty.

The pro-democracy group, Cuban Decide, confirmed that at least 57 people have disappeared since the demonstration, many of whom are strong critics of the current governing body. In addition, Axios reported that more than 200 people had been detained since the protests began on Sunday.

The communist regime has called up its “revolutionary” citizens to attack anyone involved in the protests. Residents have documented several instances in which Cuban authorities have beaten protestors and fired live rounds into the growing crowds of protesters.

For now, it’s difficult to get information on the situation since the Cuban government shut down Internet services in several areas of the country, using Chinese-based technology.

For now, all we can do is hope democracy ultimately prevails. We will keep you updated as additional information on this breaking story becomes available.

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