Democrats: Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal Could Cost Them Next Year’s Elections

Democrats: Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal Could Cost Him Next Year's Elections

( – The government’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is unraveling into a complete disaster, garnering attention and criticism from both parties. Even Democrats, who typically support the president, are taking notice of the potential costs associated with his lack of action. Their most significant loss could come during midterm elections in 2022 when Left-wing politicians will need to defend narrow majorities in both chambers of Congress.

The Taliban gained control of Kabul on August 22, giving the US until August 31 to get its citizens out of the country. That fateful deadline is now only a few short days away, raising increasing concerns about how the Biden administration is handling the ongoing crisis.

President Biden faces bipartisan accusations from politicians who claim the administration overestimated the Afghan government and the US military. They also feel he underestimated the Taliban’s power.

Now, the President’s approval rating is suffering from severe losses. A recent poll from Today/Suffolk University reflects a plummet to just 41%. Meanwhile, his disapproval rate grew to 55%.

A second University of New Hampshire poll granted Biden a 50% approval rate just last month. However, over 49% of respondents disapproved of his leadership.

A president’s approval rating is the most significant indicator of their popularity and political strength. It serves as a reference for a party’s chances in the midterm elections — and that’s bad news for Democrats who put stock in him securing a second term.

Democrats are showing both fear and hope over next year’s midterms, but the prevailing attitude isn’t positive. With such slim leads in Congress and current events thinning the divide, the party may ultimately lose the Senate and the House.

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