Congress, Veterans Respond to Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal

Congress, Veterans Respond to Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal

( – On August 16, President Biden addressed the nation on the rapidly deteriorating events in Afghanistan. Taliban soldiers seized the presidential palace in Kabul over the weekend, and thousands of troops had to be called in to secure Hamid Karzai International Airport. Many experts blame Biden’s rapid withdrawal of US forces for the collapse of the Afghan government and the rise of Taliban control. Now, Biden faces harsh criticism from Congress, veterans, and the American people.

A Bipartisan Agreement

Biden’s Afghan policy appears to have turned the country into a breeding ground for terrorism and chaos. Both Democrats and Republicans agree that the move to withdraw remaining US forces was poorly executed. Some lawmakers suggest responsibility for the current crisis in Afghanistan rests with former President Donald Trump, as well.

For instance, Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) said officials should have planned more carefully the removal of US troops out of Afghanistan to avoid what we’re seeing happen now. Carper also believes that the US needs to act quickly and decisively to ensure the safety of our allies, who now face imprisonment or death at the hands of the Taliban. The Senator added that we must act, so Afghanistan doesn’t become a nesting ground for terrorism again.

A Word From People Who’ve Served

It’s not only members of Congress who feel not only for the Afghan people but also the troops who spent years of their life serving the United States in the Middle Eastern country. Kyle Ward, an Air Force veteran currently serving as the Knox County Commissioner in Tennessee, said he felt terrible for the people in Afghanistan. Ward added that he heard some US allies were lost over the weekend and said he was saddened by the news.

Ward warned that more of our allies are in danger, and we won’t be able to save enough of them. He served in Afghanistan during 2011 and 2012 with the Joint Special Operations Task Force. He noted that if not for the people of Afghanistan, he wouldn’t have survived and made it home.

Army Colonel and Afghanistan veteran Don Amburn shared Ward’s grief. Amburn served two tours in Afghanistan, one in 2002 and another just over a decade later. Colonel Amburn stated that the Afghan people wanted American democracy and freedom, that they “deserve better” than the Biden administration is currently providing.

He added that they wanted their daughters to go to school, but now none of that is possible. Amburn says he isn’t sure what will happen to the women and children now, but it doesn’t look good.

The Taliban has demonstrated its brutality the last few weeks. Biden has some serious explaining to do. The American people and Afghans deserve far more than one televised speech. They are entitled to decisive leadership.

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