10,000+ Apprehended Migrants Housed Under Texas’ Del Rio Bridge, Worsening Border Crisis

10,000+ Apprehended Migrants Housed Under Texas' Del Rio Bridge, Worsening Border Crisis

(UnitedReader.com) – President Biden has a lot on his plate. The latest crisis to take a spot on his desk comes from the southern border, where federal agencies and resources continue to wear thin. It couldn’t have come at a worse time.

It’s an epidemic of homelessness: federal officials are housing more than 10,000 illegal migrants in a makeshift camp under the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Mayor Bruno Lozano tweeted about the matter on Twitter recently, giving an update on the ongoing issues unfolding at the border.

Mayor Lozano also warned that about 20,000 more migrants reportedly were making their way towards the border.

What does that mean for the Biden administration? They may be facing yet another humanitarian crisis just as border arrests near 20-year highs.

Some people lay the blame for this situation squarely on President Biden. He immediately backpedaled against President Trump’s firm immigration policies after stepping into power.

Most of the migrants hail from Haiti, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, where intensified poverty and political unrest often costs citizens their lives. Some have allegedly waited up to five days for border agents to process their requests for asylum.

Despite the overwhelming numbers, Border Patrol says it’s providing migrants with portable toilets, towels and drinking water in an attempt to keep them safe. They seek to establish a safe and orderly process.

While the crisis at the border continues, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Chief of Staff, Karen Olick, announced her resignation on September 13. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services associate director of Refugee, Asylum and International Operations, Jennifer Higgins, will step in as the interim DHS Chief of Staff.

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