Widow of Former Marine Who Died Fighting in Ukraine Speaks Out

Widow of Former Marine Who Died Fighting in Ukraine Speaks Out

Fallen Hero: Former Marine Is The First American To Die In Ukraine

(UnitedReader.com) – As the war broke out in Ukraine, many people wanted to help any way they could. Of course, for most people, that meant posting on social media or changing their account photos. Meanwhile, others took affirmative action and went to Europe to help the Ukrainian military. Unfortunately, not all of them will come back, much like the Marine veteran who recently lost his life once again fighting for freedom.

Willy Joseph Cancel, an American citizen and former US Marine, leaves behind his wife and a 7-month-old son with his death in Ukraine. According to Fox News, Cancel is the first American to die fighting alongside Ukraine. The soldier’s wife, 23-year-old Brittany Cancel, called her husband a hero, saying he went to Ukraine to help people, something she says he always felt was his mission.

She talked about his desire to become a police officer or a firefighter with the New York Fire Department. Cancel worked as a corrections officer in the Marine Corps. He signed up to be part of a private military contractor not long before Russia launched its attack. After the invasion, the company asked for volunteers to help in the fight against Russia, which Cancel agreed to.

Mrs. Cancel admitted she never expected to be a 23-year-old widow or have her son grow up without a dad. She asserted that she just wants to bring him home and give the former Marine the burial he deserves.

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