Vladimir Putin Consolidates More Power From Environmentalists

Vladimir Putin Consolidates More Power From Environmentalists

(UnitedReader.com) – As the world fights to stop climate change, Russia seems to gain more power. President Biden may be the one most responsible for the boost.

Biden has blocked the construction and completion of domestic pipelines, such as Keystone XL, in the United States. At the same time, the president has given the greenlight for Russia to construct a massive pipeline to supply gas to Germany via Nord Stream 2. While the president’s intent may be to lead the fight against climate change, he’s only empowering America’s adversaries.

Following environmentalist ideals, Biden has also proposed heavily regulating fossil fuels. He’s even gone as far as trying to ban oil and gas leases on federal property. The president has made these moves while looking to Russia and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to ramp up their natural gas and oil production.

The White House has urged OPEC and Russia to provide more energy, but to no avail. Biden blamed the rising energy prices impacting all Americans during a press conference on November 2, noting that Russia and OPEC are refusing to pump more oil. All the while, President Biden further weakens America’s energy supply while he strengthens President Putin in Russia.

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