Ukraine Satellite Photos Show the Devastation From Invasion

Ukraine Satellite Photos Show the Devastation From Invasion

( – Maxar Technologies released satellite images of Mariupol, Ukraine, on March 22. The pictures clearly show how ravaged the city is after relentless attacks by Russian forces. There is obvious damage to almost every structure and widespread devastation throughout the area.

One image is a look at a crowd of people at a supermarket, likely depicting them searching out food and water sources. A refugee told The New York Times there was nothing to eat or safe to drink left in Mariupol. According to Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boichenko, about 160,000 people are still in the city despite the images showing not much but rubble remaining.

The Russian military has been heavily attacking Mariupol due to its location along the Sea of Azov. As a key port, it holds extreme value as the troops try to gain control over the area. The Russians have been brutal in their actions, including bombing an active maternity hospital and theater housing children. The Biden administration categorized many of the actions as war crimes, specifically the targeting of civilians.

While Russian President Vladimir Putin has indicated a shift in his approach, it doesn’t appear Mariupol will receive any reprieve from the action. The White House believes Putin may remove troops from Kyiv and redeploy them to other areas within Ukraine.

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