Trump’s Doing It – He May Run Again for Reelection

Trump's Doing It - He May Run Again for Reelection

( – Speculation has been surrounding former President Donald Trump regarding whether or not he’ll make another presidential bid. The former commander-in-chief hasn’t given a straight answer to anyone. Even so, Trump has been dropping hints, and he just dropped his biggest one yet.

America knows that former President Trump loves golfing. The former host of “The Apprentice” was out golfing with friends when one took a video of him teeing up, commentating that the 45th President of the United States was up next. To which Trump responded, “45th and 47th.”

Despite not making a public announcement about his intentions in 2024, claiming he’s waiting until after 2022’s midterm elections to make a decision, his statement shook the world. It’s the most significant hint the former president has dropped about running for president again.

Trump has made previous hints to a potential bid for the Oval Office, like when he teased attendees of his Iowa rally that if he did run in 2024, his slogan would be “Make America Great Again, Again.”

The former president has been stingy with his intentions. Are these subtle and not-so-subtle hints his way of telling America that he’s going to run for president again? Or is he just teasing his followers and critics with a potential 2024 bid? Perhaps he plans to run in 2028; he would still be the 47th president as long as Biden won reelection.

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