Trump Suggests He’s Going to Drop Bomb in Election Fight, Then Leaves Suddenly

Trump Suggests He's Going to Drop Bomb in Election Fight, Then Leaves Suddenly

( – While Donald Trump may not be in the Oval Office anymore, he certainly still has influence in the political world. Even a mention of him showing up to a state has area politicians frantic. America has become familiar with the fact that the former president can be unpredictable. This held true as he teased the idea of going to Virginia, without notice, to campaign for Glenn Youngkin, a Republican candidate for governor.

In response to the vague news, Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, sent an email warning his supporters that Trump was on his way.

The former president indicated he would be visiting the state soon but didn’t give any further details. The move threw Youngkin’s team into a frenzy as they scrambled for more information, signifying that the announcement had caught them off guard as well.

Officials close to Trump weren’t as concerned, being aware that the former president has a habit of creating mischief. After some time, it was clear that while Trump may visit Virginia, it wouldn’t be in the immediate future and certainly not before the November 2 gubernatorial election.

Trump’s political influence could have pushed voters in one of two ways. Either his support for Youngkin would have tipped the scales in the Republican’s favor, or Trumps’ presence would stoke the fires of McAuliffe’s supporters, prompting them to go out and vote against their common threat.

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