Trump Predicts YouTube Cancels Podcast, Then It Does

Trump Predicts YouTube Cancels Podcast, Then It Does

( – Former President Donald Trump has been on a tear recently with his predictions coming true. The streak appears to continue as Trump’s prediction once again comes to fruition. It must be hard to be right all the time, especially when it comes to dealing with Big Tech.

The former president sat down with “Full Send Podcast” on March 9 for a candid interview at Mar-a-Lago. During the hour-long interview, he told the four young men that YouTube would remove the video of the podcast. The crew laughed, but it turns out Trump was right.

Low and behold, 24 hours after the crew uploaded the video, YouTube removed the link. The streaming service claimed the video violated their guidelines, and following the original link will only lead to a message from YouTube saying the video was removed. Former President Trump gave “Full Send Podcast” the same message he gave Joe Rogan when the Left was trying to cancel him: Don’t apologize.

The interview was broad, covering several questions about various topics, Rogan’s controversy being one of them. Trump also talked about how the radical Left has weaponized the word “racist.” He added that their narratives essentially stripped the word of its meaning by labeling anyone who stands against them as a racist.

YouTube didn’t have a clear reason as to why it removed the video, aside from claiming it violated guidelines. However, Trump did heavily criticize President Biden and touched on his handling of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Do you think YouTube’s cancellation of the video was warranted, or did the video platform go too far?

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