Top Democrat Thought He Could Get Away With Fraud — But He Was Wrong

Top Democrat Thought He Could Get Away With Fraud -- But He Was Wrong

( – People in positions of power always think they can break the law and get away with it. While there are certainly plenty who likely do, eventually the law will catch up with most of them. For one top Democrat, New York Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin, the time has come to face the legal ramifications of his illegal actions.

Authorities indicted and arrested Lieutenant Governor Benjamin for several alleged offenses including bribery. The indictment details a scheme and the plot to cover it up during Benjamin’s time as a state senator between 2019 and 2021. According to the indictment, the then-state senator and candidate for state comptroller allegedly solicited donations to his campaign from a real estate developer who was responsible for raising the money.

The developer did so in exchange for the state to send their non-profit organization money. Benjamin attempted to cover this up by creating false donor forms. He also lied during his process of becoming lieutenant governor, claiming he never used his authority to address a donor he solicited.

All of these alleged crimes carry a maximum sentence of at least five, but no more than twenty, years in prison. As of now, charges currently faced by Benjamin include bribery, honest services wire fraud, conspiracy, and falsifying records charges.

Not only is this a stain on an already struggling Democrat party, but it tarnishes the state of New York’s leadership as well, dealing with the resignation of Andrew Cuomo and now Benjamin’s mishaps. Incumbent Governor Kathy Hochul quickly accepted her lieutenant governor’s resignation. Should there not be a better screening process in place for leaders of New York?

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